We all grew up watching Johnny Miller in his shocking red pants and white belt, and Jack Nicklaus sporting his plaid polyester Sans-A-Belts. But when the time came for us to golf decades later, what sartorial choices were we given?  Khaki. Gray. Black. Where was the fun in that?!

Khakis for golf weren’t going to cut it for Loudmouth founder Scott Woodworth.  He took matters into his own hands, literally. He found some fabric with Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and company on golf carts on a powder blue background and made himself a pair of golf pants of questionable taste. When guys started coming up to him out in the middle of the golf course asking him how they could get a pair, he realized there was a hidden desire on the golf course...To play LOUD!

Scott "Woody" Woodworth - Founder and Chief Designer graduated from Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design in 1982. He has been a successful freelance award-winning graphic designer for 20 years. In 2000, his enjoyment of golf and his unique sense of fashion crossed paths. When he couldn't find any colorful clothing for golf, he started Loudmouth Golf with one pair of wild golf pants. Applying his background in graphic design to golf fashion, Woody has re-defined and single-handedly brought back the infamous golf fashion from the 1970s. Today Loudmouth Golf is recognized as the leading brand in outrageous, fun golf apparel for men. He claims he's the best golfer on the LMG team.

Larry Jackson - Chief Loudmouth has over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley based telecommunications and networking equipment field in a variety of Sales & Marketing roles. During his time in the telecom equipment field he helped found three startup companies all of which went public on NASDAQ. Larry has lived and worked internationally in Tokyo and London gaining a worldwide reputation for spectacular karaoke showmanship. He has instrumentally worked for companies experiencing exponential sales growth and International expansion and sees Loudmouth doing the same. Larry has golfed for business and pleasure around the globe and has even hit a golf ball in the Antarctic. An active investor in LoudMouth since January of 2007, he took on the role of full time CEO in 2008. He claims he's the best golfer on the LMG team.

David Suzuki has spent most of his career in venture capital and has been an avid golfer since childhood. David has lived in Japan and travels extensively throughout Asia working closely with Silicon Valley start-ups. He also makes it a point to check out the local golf scene and has played most of the top courses in Japan, China, Korea and Southeast Asia. He has been actively involved with Loudmouth Golf and helps with international expansion and manufacturing. He claims he's the best golfer on the LMG team.

Dennis Green - President , Back in 1988 Dennis Green was the Director of Sales and Merchandising at Cherokee and was responsible for product design helping to double its volume from $60 million to $130 million. In 1996 he was the Director of SMUs (special merchandising unit) at Nike (a small outfit located in Beaverton, OR). He developed differentiated Nike products for retailers Footlocker, Champs and Finish Line. Then Disney came calling. They made Dennis the Senior Vice President of Global Creative. He set the creative point of view for all Disney consumer products. After 6 years the Disney Consumer Product division grew from $11 billion to $22 billion. He left Disney and received another call from Nike to help its lagging Hurley division. In two short years he reorganized all departments with an emphasis on sales and profitability. He increased revenue from $99 million to $245 million and increased gross margins by 60%. Dennis says all that success pales in comparison to his most important goal: to eventually become the best golfer at Loudmouth.

Satoshi Kaneko, “The Pride of Hiroshima” - CIO/VPGM Asia  has been our CIO since the Loudmouth book of Exodus (only Woody was around during the book of Genesis) and we wouldn’t have him without an ill-fated shoulder injury that derailed his minor league baseball career in Japan. While still in Japan, he earned a Masters in Information Engineering in addition to holding many executive level positions including CEO of Blue Point Systems, an application service provider. Since moving his talents to the United States, he has worked over fifteen years in enterprise business software development and management in Silicon Valley, specializing in cloud computing, internalization, order management, and supply chain planning. He claims he's the best golfer on the LMG team.

Marcie Low – COO has over 20 years of experience in high-growth Silicon Valley based start-ups in a variety of Business Operational roles. She has been involved with two initial public offerings, over a dozen acquisitions, and has been keeping LJ out of jail for years. She also lived as an expatriate in Hong Kong supporting the expansion of the Asia Pacific market. Marcie’s first introduction to golf was from working with Larry and attending Company Sales Meetings (aka Golf Boondoggles). If the management team let her play more golf she definitely has the potential to be the best golfer on the LMG team. But Marcie is currently making no such claims.